25 juin 2018

Sattar B. Sadkhan

Prof. Sattar B. Sadkhan

Professor at  the faculty of computer technology,

University of Babylon, Iraq


Title: New Trends on Wireless Communication and Information Security


Abstract: Wireless Communication has a long history  . Though in the beginning it was developed as a tool to cater mobile telephony but due to increase of user density and requirements of faster access of information in terms of data, video, voice etc. from remote location in mobile fashion requires new emerging trends of wireless technology.

The theory that engineers use to measure and model wireless communications has changed very little over the last 30 years. The main reason for this stagnation of development may be summed up as follows: The current theory still works for wireless systems that have been deployed to date. Do not expect this to hold much longer. There are six trends in wireless communications that emphasize the need for improved and expanded channel modeling theory.

Also It is very important aspect is the progress of the information security, especially for the signals transmitted within the wireless communication channels.

In this talk, broadband fixed and wireless technologies has been discussed and also their characteristics, strength and weaknesses and how in future they converge. And also the various techniques that have been taken into consideration for developing next generation wireless communication for allowing interoperability among various networks with unhindered communication. And the status of the Information security and the great challenges facing this very important aspect.

Biography: Prof. Dr. Eng. Sattar B. Sadkhan, SMIEEE, was born at 1954 in Baghdad. Get my Diploma in Radar System Repairing at 1974, and in 1978 he obtained the B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. I obtained the M.Sc. in Wireless Communication at 1981 from Czechoslovakia, at Academic Institute ( VAAZ ) in Brno. Also the Ph.D.  at the same Academic Institute (VAAZ) in 1984. My main Specialization is Wireless Digital Communication and Information Security. In 1988 I obtained the Diploma in  » Information Security  » from  Switzerland. I Published more than (220 ) papers in International Conferences, and International Journals inside and outside Iraq. I  Supervised more (160) M.Sc. and PhD Postgraduates since 1984 (in IRAQ and outside IRAQ). I am  Editor in Chief of (8) International Scientific Journals (in many countries) , and  Associate Editor in Chief of other (6) International Scientific Journals (in many countries) , Member of Editing Board of (32) International Journal (in many countries), Member of International Scientific Organization more than (10), and  Member of International Scientific Committees more than (230) International Conferences committees ( Just for the Year 2013, there were (58) Int. Conferences ).

I am the Editor of Book : Multidisciplinary Prospective in Cryptology and Information Security : IGI Global – March 2014, and  Key Note Speaker in Many International Conferences   in: Turkey, China, India, Pakistan, Malaysia (two times:2013-2014), in IRAQ (many local and International. conferences)

My main Affiliation:  Honorable Chair of IEEE IRAQ Section at IEEE,  Chairman of IEEE ComSoc. IRAQ Chapter,  Chairman of IEEE Computational Intelligence Iraq Chapter,  Chair of URSI Iraq Committee,  Honorable Research Director of IRAQ for (BRCORP) Institute, and  Member of International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR).

Currently , I am a staff member and Scientific Deputy Dean in IT College, University of Babylon, Iraq.