16 mars 2018

Ahmed Fawzy Daw

Ahmed Fawzy Daw

Assistant Professor at MSA University, Egypt


Title: New Era of Ultra Compact Microwave Subsystem Components Based Metamaterials


Abstract: The compact high-performance miniaturized devices are speedily important in the modern microwave systems, such as wireless communications, military and radar systems. Metamaterials have lighted up the way to novel methodologies suitable for planar circuit technology with compact size, multi, and wide band specifications For practical applications with compact sizes, the composite right/ left-handed (CRLH) transmission line, and dual-composite right/ left-handed (D-CRLH) transmission line were introduced. The two metamaterial planar structures has been used to realize several applications such as resonators, antennas, couplers, diplexer, transformer, and power dividers. As the urgent request for special unit cell that introduces both compactness and ultra-wide band properties the newly L-CRLH based constant propagation constant property was proposed by the author in oxford 2015.

In this invited paper, a design of multi band (dual, triple , and quad) coupled gap transmission line resonators based on dual composite right/left handed microstrip structure is developed. The introduced structures demonstrate dual, triple, and quad resonances high selective sharpness passband response. Moreover, A compact dual ultra-wide band power dividers based on three cells of dual composite right/left handed microstrip structure presented in this paper. Finally, a compact ultra-wide band impedances transformer based on new configuration of composite right/left handed transmission line (L_CRLH) is presented.


Biography: Ahmed Fawzy Daw is a Ph.D. holder and researcher in Radiofrequency and Microwave field, he is a member of European Microwave Association and IEEE. His researchers are focused on the microwave circuits, RF metamaterial designs, RF MEMS and its applications. He has more than 16 international publications in conferences and journals in the United Kingdom, Egypt, USA, Canada, Lebanon, and Greece.

In metamaterial congress at Oxford 2015, his paper nominated the best paper due to the new creation of a new kind of metamaterial circuit named as L-CRLH beside the two traditional kinds CRLH, and D-CRLH.

From 2016, he is a reviewer for Engineering Journal of The Military Technical College (EJMTC), and he was invited as a speaker in many conferences such as 2016 international conference and exhibition on lasers, optics and photonics in Spain, and 4th 2017 electrical safety experts symposium in KSA, and invited as a speaker and reviewer in Composite Materials Congress 2018, Sweden.

In 2017, he was selected as session chair at the International Conference on the sensor, networks, smart and emerging technologies, since 2017 in Lebanon.

He is a founder member of Electromagnetic waves group (EWG) that published more than 50 publications during last 3 years.

He is the chairman of the graduate attributes and training committee in MSA University since 2016 and the responsibility for the cooperation between MSA University and more than 40 national and international companies.