19 mars 2018

Masood Parvania

Masood Parvania

Assist. Prof and Director of Utah Smart Energy Lab at the University of Utah, USA


Title: Coordinated Operation of Power, Water and Electrified Transportation Infrastructures in Smart Cities

Abstract: Critical power, water and transportation infrastructure have been traditionally designed and operated as independent infrastructures. However, proliferation of distributed power and water technologies, along with the electrification of transportation systems, is increasing the interdependency and exposing the inefficiencies of current uncoordinated operation practices of these infrastructure. This talk will review the emerging interdependency and present a novel approach for coordinated operation of power, water and electrified transportation infrastructure. This talk will also present a novel communication, monitoring and control infrastructure that enables the coordinated operation in future smart cities.


Biography: Dr. Masood Parvania is currently an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Director of Utah Smart Energy Lab at the University of Utah. His research interests are on developing mathematical optimization methods and control systems for the operation and planning of interdependent critical infrastructure, cyber-physical power and energy systems, and modeling and integration of distributed renewable energy resources. Dr. Parvania serves as an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, and the IEEE Power Engineering Letters. He is the Chair of the IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) Utah Chapter, Chair of the IEEE PES Task Force on Reliability Impacts of Demand Response Integration, vice-chair of the IEEE PES Bulk Power System Operation Subcommittee, and vice-chair of the IEEE PES Reliability, Risk and Probability Application (RRPA) Subcommittee.